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One thing IMe and Artie 2hate to see is an overweight dog, so Jay and I have always been really conscious of what and how much we feed Artie. Yes he does get a few “human” food treats like slices ham and a taste of cheese, but never cake or chocolate (although there was that one time when he stole some chocolate biscuits and I ended up with an emergency dash to the vet). wp-1471692222492.jpg

Artie’s biggest weakness is Peanut Butter Bones. He loves them.

He would get one after his breakfast and one after his supper. He would get one as a treat for being a good boy when we left him alone in the house. He would get one when Jay got home from work and he would get one just for giving a particularly cute and pitiful look.

Now Artie wasnt overweight by any stretch of the imagination but, being a slim lean whippet, we were becoming aware that maybe he wasnt as slim and lean as he ideally should be.

So, we started to ration his SmartBones.

And boy, he was not happy about that.

He would whine.

He would moan.Me and Artie

He would bark.

And he would stare at his biscuit jar, willing it to topple over and dispense the yummy treats so he could gobble them up.Artie

Now he only gets one peanut butter bone a day when Jay gets home from work.

Although he can’t tell the time, as five o’clock rolls around Artie hangs about the kitchen knowing that it will soon be “bone time” and if we tell him he’s a little early for his snack, the look he gives almost seems to say “Well, its five o’clock somewhere.”