I had a “brave” moment this week and sat myself down in the hairdressers chair. To say my mop was a mess was putting it mildly and as I tried to remember the last time I had it cut, my time deductions took me back at least two years, or probably nearer three.

I just don’t like getting my hair cut.

I have had some pretty bad cuts in my time and one even had me in tears once, but I am the kind of personwp-1472905734243.jpg that when I want my hair cut, I want it done now, which with any good hairdresser is not possible. This time I had to wait a week before my appointment came around and I spent the whole time agonising if I should go ahead or just cancel.

As the time to head out got closer, I was still wavering between having the bare minimum trimmed off the ends or having the whole lot hacked off, but in the end I did neither too much or too little and had about three inches taken off all the way around.

So this will probably be it for another couple of years or until I get a mad idea in my head and take the lot off!