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mixing bowl.jpgFor the last twelve months, since I started my healthy eating plan, cake baking has gone out the window. Jay and the girls still get to eat treats, but they are shop bought as I don’t tend to make them anymore as I am sure I would scoff far too many if I did.

Today with me supervising from the other side of the kitchen table, Jay and the girls decided they were going to make some chocolate chip muffins. We had picked up various baking ingredients while out grocery shopping, minus the Stork that Jay and AJ went back out and bought later in the day.

When all the ingredients were gathered together, the girls began to search for my mixing bowl, but nobody could find it. So Jay reached into the back of the cupboard and pulled out the large brown bowl that has once belonged to his Grandmother.

Jay: We have to be very careful with this bowl when making the cakes because it belonged to my Nan.

AJ: Do you mean Grandma?

Jay: No, it was Grandma’s Mummy’s mixing bowl. If you look on the bottom, it says it was made in 1969. That was the year before I was born, so this bowl is a whole year older than me.

Bart: Whoa! That’s really old!

Kids. They know how to make you feel great.