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It was 9th September 2015 when I plucked up the courage and walked into my first Slimming World session. I was nervous, apprehensive and really didn’t know if it would work for me. But I was also determined to make changes within myself and give this the best go I could.

So almost twelve months later I am 4st 9lb (65lb) lighter in weight and a whole lot lighter in cash.

I don’t regret the money I have spent on attending the weekly class, because without going along each Wednesday evening, sitting in on the class talk and joining in with the image therapy, I don’t believe I would have achieved the loss that I have. It’s the other costs which are sometimes astounding.

My weekly food bill for instance. Eating healthier choices isn’t cheap! The fresh fruit and vegetables alone usually take up half the shopping trolley now a days. I do tend to shop around for the fresh stuff, bouncing between four different stores to get the best value for the best quality and isn’t that a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. (Which is why this Saturday Jay had us all up, dressed and travelling into town before 8am and the crowds descended!) And buying the lowest fat option on meat can be expensive too. The breadcrumb covered chopped and reformed chicken is totally off the menu now along with most of the pre-packaged selections.

And clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes, but damn, I have had to replace everything! My boobs have gone from a 42FF to a 38D. I have gone from a UK size 22/24 top to a 16 and my jeans have shrunk from a UK 20 to a 10/12.

I had kind of ignored how baggy everything was getting for a while, but when my underwear was falling down under my trousers and those trousers, unless belted would slip to my ankles I knew it was time to replace stuff.

Has it all been worth it? Most definitly. I feel healthier. I have more energy and don’t suffer with pain in my knees anymore. I have a lot more confidence in the way I look. Hell. I even went and got my hair cut!

I may have to start selling on eBay or do a car boot stall with my big clothes to claw back some of the money I’ve spent, but I am so pleased I walked into the Scout hall that night sat myself down and asked for help.Then and now