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“Muuuuuummmmmm!” AJ yelled as she charged through the house to find me this morning, “The Sky TV has gone!”

“It really has!” Bart skidded to a stop behind her and I do mean skidded. I checked her sock covered feet and saw her bloody slippers were missing again. “We were halfway through watching Princess Sofia and it switched off.”

“Why are you surprised?” I asked them both, “I told you it was going today.”

“But we didn’t think you meant it.” AJ said “We thought you were pretending to talk to someone when you said the lady from Sky was on the telephone and you were only saying it was cancelled to stop us arguing!”

“Nope. I really spoke to someone and it’s really gone.”

“Oh,” Bart looked totally crestfallen. The pair of them walked dejectedly back to the living room.

“And put your slippers on!” I yelled after them.