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This morning came with a trip to the dentist. Oh joy.

When I had my check up last month I had some x-rays taken ( I wonder how old I have to be before I am not asked if there is any chance I am pregnant?) and although visually my teeth looked fine, the x-ray showed up a dark mass in one tooth that meant decay. So today after waving the kids off on the school bus, I jumped in the car and drove the forty-five minute trip to where the dental practice was located.

The procedure itself was pretty straight forward (thank goodness) and an injection was administered first to numb any potential pain. I was in and out of the chair within half an hour, which was great, it’s just I hate that feeling you are left with afterwards. You know, when it seems as though you lip is swollen up to six times its normal size, you sound as though you are three sheets to the wind and don’t even try to eat or drink anything or you will end up wearing it!

Thankfully that thick lip feeling only lasts a couple of hours and by the time I had popped into Fat Face (ha ha) to by a cardigan and driven home again, the feeling had pretty much worn off.