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My excuse?

After the dentist trip on Wednesday I wasnt feeling my best. Although the dental procedure itself wasnt painful, I can’t help but tense up when I am lying upside-down in a chair with a bunch of foreign objects shoved in my mouth. (Hmm, I think there maybe a script for a porn movie there somewhere.)

When I got home there was a headache slowly brewing at the base of my skull (which finally kicked in later that evening) and so my observation skills were not at their best.

But still.

I had been home nearly three hours and it was close to time to head down the track and meet the girls off the school bus when I went upstairs to get my iPod. Imagine my surprise to find a man in my bed!

Jay had been sent home sick from work that morning, gotten in the house and gone straight to bed.

No, I didn’t notice his car parked outside the house. No, I didnt really register his work bag on the kitchen table. No, I didnt spot his lunch box on the top shelf inside the fridge.

I did think he had forgotten his milk when I saw it in the door of the fridge. And I did wonder why the dog kept going upstairs to sleep rather than keep me company, but just thought he had found a fabulous patch of sunshine to bask in.

And the winner of the World Worst Wife Award goes to…