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… and a step to the riiiiiiiiiight.

Ever get that feeling you are stuck in a time warp?

I have been thinking about this blog for a while. Then I had a couple of friends who “know of what they speak”, read something I wrote and commented I  should write more. It was time to dust off the cobwebs, shake out the mothballs and try to get this thing rolling again.

This morning I got around to opening the page up and could not believe the first post I came across,  as this was the conversation the girls and I had yesterday as we headed up the hill to home…

Bart: Mummy, are you off on Friday?

Me: No sorry, I have to work Fridays now. Why?

Bart: Because Friday is out World Peace assembly.

Me: Why only peas?

Bart: No Mum. P E A C E. Not P E A S.

I really need to update my stand up repertoire. It’s sounding a little stale.

But last post out and first post in are talking about the same subject, which tells me another year has passed without me putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and that needs to change.

So for however long I keep that duster in one hand, batting away the cobwebs while I type with the other, I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

Peas out x