Don’t it always seem to goThat you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone 
Never a truer word was spoken when recently we lost our internet connection.  Our home hub had developed a fault and refused to sync. I think I spoke to a dozen British regional accents as well as Ireland and India. Engineer appoimtents were made, broken and made again, but finally, finally yesterday a new home hub arrived. 

It took nearly three weeks before we were connected again, although it only seemed like I was the one majorly bothered by this in our family.

The girls do like to catch up on shows with the CBBC iPlayer, but meh, they just dived into the DVD collection and reacquainted themselves with old favourites. And yeah, Jay likes to look at crap (and yes I do mean crap) on ebay. But heck, he spent his computer free evenings annoying me with the noise level from his snoring. And the dog, he couldn’t give a damn.

I was the one most effected by the loss of internet and it really brought it home to me how much time I spent chatting to friends all around the world and how much those friendships mean to me. 

From London to Texas, California to New England, Canada to Australia and all those many places inbetween, there ia a group of people who make me howl with laughter and cry tears of love and sorrow. We look out for each other and worry if someone has been missing for a while. We can tease and we can joke and we are always willing to embrace new people into our merry band. 

I fell into this crazy wonderland of people through a book and an author and a Facebook page. I haven’t met any of them in person and for most, I probably never will. They are my friends inside my phone as the girls now call them. And for that bunch of days when my internet time was limited, damn I missed them.