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As she is getting older it has become clear to James and I that AJ needs some serious dental work. Her two top front teeth protrude quite a bit and some of her bottom teeth are not coming in straight. I made an appointment for her with my dentist a few months ago instead of the one she normally attended and after having her in the chair for a few minutes he didn’t surprise me at all when he said she needed a referral to an orthodontist who specialised in children’s teeth.

True to his word an initial consultation came through swiftly. So, Jay and I took a day off of work a few weeks ago and the three of us headed into the city to see the specialist.

AJ was really great at the orthodontist, (luckily Jay hasn’t passed along his paralysing fear of all things teeth) and sat calmly while they measured, inspected and took photograph after photograph while pulling her lips this way and that.

Then they did the dreaded mould. I remember having this done a couple of times as a child. They fill a plastic plate with a disgusting pink goo and then shove it in your mouth so far that you think you are going to choke.  It is then held there for a couple of minutes while it takes time to set. I shudder just remembering it. But AJ was a champ and took the whole experience in her stride.

The upshot is, as we guessed she had quite a road ahead of her. She will start with block braces that will help her bottom jaw grow forward and in line with her top one as it currently sits too far back. From there she will need “train track” braces to straighten her teeth and get them into the correct position and finally she will need to wear a retainer to help the teeth stay in place. Also at some point during this she will need four teeth removed so those that are left can shift and align themselves correctly.

Poor kid, it’s not going to be fun and the whole process will take up to four years, or possibly more.  At the moment she is enthusiastic and ready to go so we are just waiting now to see what happens next and when we start.