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It really is tooth month in our house.

After the excitement of AJ’s visit to the orthodontist things had quietened down. Then today I had a message left on my voicemail from the girls’ primary school.

Bart was on her last swimming session of the term. Always on the final session they get to play and have fun. The message left informed me that Bart had slipped when trying to exit the pool and bashed her face on the side, chipping one of her front teeth.

I then had visions flying around in my head of a screaming Bart, her blood flowing into the pool and mixing with the water and half her tooth floating to the bottom. A bit dramatic I know, but my imagination was running wild. 

I messaged James and he got in touch with the school. By the time he spoke to someone, Bart had eaten her lunch and was playing on her lunch break. 

I calmed down when hearing this as she was obviously not in pain, but still fretted over how bad the tooth was.

Thankfully it really isn’t as terrible as my over active imagination thought. It was one of her front teeth, but it is quite a small chip at the bottom. Both girls are due a dental check up in a few weeks, so we will see what the dentist thinks when he sees her.

In the meantime, Bart is milking it for all she is worth!