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When we have two little monsters at home you must be wondering why today we went looking for another one, but with the kids on their half term holiday, and both Jay and I having the week off work, we took the girls to Loch Ness to look for a legend. The weather was overcast but dry and not too cold considering we are heading towards November,so we were able to sit overlooking the stunning views while having a snack.

Bart i20171019_145742957290998.jpgs totally convinced she saw Nessie, she even got a badge to say so. Jay is equally convinced she may need go to the opticians for bad eyesight, because seriously, there was no monster out there. But every ripple was a potential sighting and she had fun.

To be honest the only real monster sighting was the hundreds of stuffed toys in the gift shop. Bart’s eyes lit up like it was Christmas upon seeing all the plush monsters, but as she already battles to fit in her bed each night with the amount of cuddly animals already in it, she left the store empty-handed.
20171019_120301325788470.jpgIn the afternoon I dragged the family to another ruin. After traipsing around numerous castles over the last few years, I changed it up a bit and took them to a Bronze Age burial site, with three stone cairns (mounds) each encircled by standing stones. It really is a beautiful place, with an air of peace and mystery to it surrounded by trees that are just changing to their autumn colours.

Both AJ and I put our hands on the stones, but neither of us fell through time and Jaime Fraser sadly didn’t appear and whisk me away. But I think Bart felt something because she ran around the site, touching and hugging all the standing stones.

It been a good day to get out as a family, to just take a bit of time away from the house and have fun. With Jay and I working longer hours and school suddenly getting real for AJ is in her last year of primary, to take time and laugh together was good therapy for us all.