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img_20171021_144244_127705580550.jpgGrowing up where I did in England, it was always a huge event going to the beach. We would set out early in the morning, all piled into the car with my Mum at the wheel and Dad riding shot-gun. Places like Weymouth and Bournemouth seemed so exotic to a landlocked child.

Sandwiches would be packed for our lunch and we would spend the whole day playing on the sand, swimming in the sea, walking along the promenade and dipping in and out of the gift shops. Then if we were lucky we got to have fish and chips for tea, before heading home at the end of a long, happy day, smelling of sea, sand and sunscreen.

20171021_1506361584767279.jpgLiving where we do now, we can reach a choice of beaches in only thirty minutes. So most weekends, in all weathers, we head out as a family to walk along the sand.

Today, as the girls half term holiday draws to a close, the four of us plus Artie the whippet, jumped in the car and headed out. It was a little chilly on arrival, but as we trudged along the sand and the sun began to beat down, we warmed up enough to start removing hats and coats.


There was a great amount of interesting things washed up from the high tide, including a lot of starfish and a large crab that was stuck on its back. Jay picked the poor thing up as it was still moving and put him closer to the sea. We didn’t hang around, but hopefully he made his way back.20171021_151651747714490.jpg20171021_152439394580203.jpg






Of course the trip was rounded out by a visit to the local shop and ice cream filled chocolate waffle cones were enjoyed before heading back home.20171021_1451161985615287.jpg