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It is a weird time for AJ at the moment. She finished primary school back at the end of June. We had loads of events that between Jay, her Grandparents and myself we managed to cover. There was talent shows, go cart races, riverside picnics and finally a wee prom.

And then we were done.

Now it is the countdown until high school starts.

Last week we shopped for uniform, shoes and gym kit. Even the act of not buying velcro strap shoes hammered home my little girl is growing up.

A teenager is just around the corner, with all the joys that will bring.

But this summer, she is a little lost and a little confused. Stuck in that no man’s land between being a wee girl and a high schooler. Wanting to be all grown up in front of her younger sister, but still making the arts and crafts projects she saw on kids TV.

With just over two weeks to go until the new term starts, things are getting tense. Her moods are swinging wildly and tempers are short. Her younger sister knows exactly which buttons to press to cause an explosion, and does so, frequently.

But hopefully, with the first week of high school under her belt, AJ will be able to relax and enjoy this next exciting stage of her life.