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AJ has been desperate to dye her hair for a while now but she is only young so I didn’t want her to have anything permanent.

First we tried hair chalk, but they just didn’t take. To get any kind of colour payoff the waxy chalk made her hair look a greasy mess.

Next we tried cans of spray. But again, the colour just wouldn’t take to her dark brown hair, then one run through with the brush and it was gone.

She mentioned again today about dyeing it. The two of us watched a clip together on YouTube of a young girl dip dyeing her hair, and it looked a lot less complicated than I thought. So I decided I would give it a go.

On arriving at the shops, it seemed the temporary fun colours were for blonde hair only. We could do wild if we wanted permanent, or the other choice seemed to be bleaching the hair first.

Both options were a huge no.

So in the end we took a chance with a colour suitable for dark blondes. AJ is dark brown and Bart is a mid brown, so I didn’t have high hopes, but at under a fiver for the box of dye, we gave it a go anyway.

Improvisation was called for at the developing point. Neither girl was going to be able to sit still for the time required, but with sandwich bags and clothes pegs we managed to keep the rest of them dye free.

In the end, the results were surprisingly good. Barts came out better, because of her lighter hair, but AJ’s has taken quite a bit of the dye too.

Both girls are really happy with the results and I have to admit, for my first attempt dyeing their hair, I’m quite pleased.