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Jay and I are a pair of pack rats. We admit it, we both struggle with letting things go. But the time had definitely come that I need to sort out the girls clothes.

AJ’s need to be passed down and Bart’s need to be passed on. Both girls have grown like weeds this summer and I am fed up of grabbing a pair of trousers to have them only just reach their ankles. Or tops that fitted fine a few months ago have become cropped with three-quarter sleeves.

So I have started sorting into piles. ‘Still fits’ ‘Sell on eBay’ ‘charity bag’ and ‘bin’.

There are a couple of things I can’t let go of though. The red spotty cardigan Bart was wearing in the first ever picture we saw of her and the turquoise one she wore the first time we met her. We still have AJ’s outfit from that first meeting and her top from the first picture too. Bart wears both of those at the moment, but when they get too small I shall keep them as well.

I still have some clothes I have kept from a child. A dress my Granddad bought me when I was seven. A dress my Nan made for me when I was eight.  The outfit I wore on my first date with Jay.

It’s important to keep some things, but there is still a heck of a lot to get rid of.